Kristjana S Williams

Kristjana S Williams was born in Iceland and she currently lives and works in London. She studied graphic design and illustration at Central St. Martins and gained critical acknowledgment as Creative Director at Beyond the Valley for 8 years. In 2011, Williams starts to create fine art pieces, art prints, furniture and undertakes collaboration in the fashion industry.

Williams’ inspiration takes roots in the beauty and colours of nature and in “the symmetry in all things living”. She is influenced by the Icelandic landscapes and perceives the native nature as a stark and unforgiving place where everything seems so grey. She finds in her creations a brilliant and vivid expression, using exotic flora and fauna to cast away the dreary landscapes of her past. Each piece she creates has its own magical universe made of colourful butterflies or impressive flowers. Her artwork is a mix of illustration, colouring and collage techniques inspired by her fascination for maps, Victorian engravings, mythical creatures and her unlimited fantasy.

Her work becomes well known and she accounts already numerous awards including a D&AD award, the Clio Award and a first prize at New York Festivals Grand Prix.


Primavera Owl

Fidrilda Kupa