An original painting that is projected in real space surrounded by colours that give the great dynamic qualities forms. Martinis Danilo reveals considerable technical skill, geometric expressiveness is well marked, both in its use of colours that allow it to reach maximum spontaneity of language.

The design becomes a free expression of ideas suggested by the human body, the artist presents images that become the version of his graphic-figurative thought, a search for perfection through chromatic effects.

By subject, the artist uses mainly the female figure placed in a rarefied atmosphere of strong visual impact. Martinis in his art lives on her own feelings: a painting taken from the precise, meticulous in detail, anchored in a way congenial to a substance of pictorial and plastic forms in flux, flowing shapes of contrasting charms of lights, one color and contortions.

A sort of stunned immobility revealed a desire to communicate and discover the inner life of the characters, environments conferred by irregular movements, which are designed in a meandering search instinctive style of pure beauty.

Danilo Martinis offers images of communication of feelings generated by their contact with nature and humanity, solitary figures, who live in a mysterious world of their own, in deeper emotional depths of the senses.

The Art of Danilo Martinis is a valuable indication to reach real art of our time.